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El Mayorazgo Residencial in Leon | Homes and Residential Lots for Sale in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico

Residential development in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico

Homes and residential lots for sale
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We look after your investment!

4 key elements of our After-Sales Service that make El Mayorazgo Residencial the ideal choice:

Homeowners Association

Each of our gated communities has its own homeowners association, whose main purpose is to regulate compliance with the rights and obligations of all residents, and to provide guidance to ensure the proper and correct management, maintenance, operation, and running of each community, while safeguarding the integrity of those who live there and their personal property, as well as the facilities and common areas.

Joint work and collaboration among Homeowners Associations

The administrators and representatives of each gated community work together to protect the security of residents and their personal property, and to make sure all of the green areas and main roads located outside the communities themselves but within the neighborhood are completely safe.

Installations, services and utilities

The municipalization of the neighborhood requires providing water and electricity installations that are in perfect working order, so that the utility companies that deliver these services (SAPAL for water and CFE for electricity) can set about connecting residents to the main supply as soon as needed.

In the case of SAPAL, the reception-delivery process takes longer, as sanitary drainage, rainwater drainage and potable water must be delivered, in addition to the adjustments that are needed to provide the service to the client's property. However, while this procedure is in process, QDI is committed to providing water service through pipes and WITHOUT ANY COST to the customer.

We have warranty

All roads, equipment (electrified fences, photovoltaic panels, etc.), recreation spaces and houses built by us have guarantees in case of failure or damage, which are taken care of when they are reported.